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Fluid Bed Equipment

Rapid Mixer GranulatorTapasya's Fluid Bed Equipment (FBE) is specially designed unit for agglomeration and simultaneous drying for top spray granulation conforming to the international quality norms and with all latest features incorporated. Built with a working pressure of 2 Bar at 80 degree C, the drying capabilities of our FBDs are enhanced by 18 - 20%, resulting in lesser drying time and uniform fluidization. Air Handling System is specially designed for evenly distribution of Heat to the material to be dried in order to supply the latent heat required for vaporization of the moisture. The fully automated system is designed to achieve robust formulation and stringent cGMP compliance.

  • FBE suitable for granulation and drying for accurate process parameters
  • Online charging from HSMG into FBE using vacuum. Inlet feed port with SS gas tight pneumatic actuated valve
  • Closed loop discharged system from FBE into mill using pneumatic conveying systems
  • Temperature control with a ± 1oc (process accuracy)
  • Humidity control over entire operating range ± 5% (process accuracy)
  • Technical support in critical areas of validation at different levels of scaleup
  • Process accessability for selection on critical parameters such as inlet air temperature in drying and product temperature in top spray granulation
  • Recipe storage for auto operation
  • System provides Alarm Log
  • Fully automated system for quality by design to correlate statistically
  • Specially designed system for light sensitive products
  • View port in filter housing and in expansion area of machine tower and product container
  • Unique wiring schematics and position numbers for devices
  • Inlet and exhaust system provided with a Quick acting safety valves (optional) valve to isolate the supporting ductwork and ancillary equipment should a deflagration in the machine tower occur
  • Tri level filtration in Inlet AHU using 10 micron for Pre Air filtration, 3 micron for Secondary Air filtration and 0.3 micon for Final Air filtration using HEPA (99.997 efficiency)
  • Humidification and dehumidification system to enable better control on RH (5% to 80%)
  • Double skinned SS 304 AHU with a built in Face and --By Pass damper for ± 1o Temperature control
  • Specially designed anti-static anti sparking blower
  • High static high efficiency FLP blower installed
  • Completely Tool less AHU
  • Broken bag detector system to indicate broken bag fault with a provision for adjustable sensitivity
  • Filter bag unit with rapid doping control to avoid the personnel injury during the assembling and disassembling of filters
  • Food grade gaskets with test certificates
  • CE Certified
  • In-house pressure tested 2 Bar FBE
  • Control System compliant to GAMP 4/5 and 21 CFR Part 11
  • 5 distinct levels for operation of control system
  • Alarm for interlocks and process abnormalities integrated with system, with acknowledgement for respective alarms by operating personal
  • Manual back-up system in case of PLC failure
  • Specially designed Conidur mesh for mechanism of Vortex formation ensuring uniform core drying
  • Twin shaking finger bag system (European make) to assist continuous fluidization and spraying
  • Option of providing SS multilayers sintered filter with integrated air cleaning mechanism
  • All filters provided with DP gauges with Integration with HMI for HEPA, Fine filter, Product container and Finger bag
  • Inlet / Exhaust Location with several alternatives to suit individual customer requirements
  • Specially designed explosion flaps
  • Inflatable Silicon Seals used in the system
  • 2 Pneumatic Cylinders - For Bag Up and Down movement and for Impact Bag Shaking
  • Sampling provision of inline analysis of granulation profile such as moisture content and particle size analysis
Benefits For You
  • 'State of Art' FBD with all latest features
  • Easy operations
  • Faster and uniform drying
  • Easy maintenance
  • Overcomes typical problems associated with drying, such as, Improper drying, Fine generation, Excessive drying time
  • High quality and better shelf life of the product
Fluid Bed Equipment used in Industries:
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics
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